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Splat-a-Bug - The Story


Welcome to the the beautiful land of Lush Valley.

Lush Valley is teaming with activity. Why, even in the desert regions the people of the land are busy going about their daily lives.

However, as you fly high over the landscape enjoying the scenery, you will notice all is not quite as tranquil as it may appear below.

The people of Lush Valley may be oblivious to the fact that they are not the only creatures’ intent on ruling the place, but that doesn’t mean they are.

There just happens to be other occupants of the land – BUGS!

So what – they are just bugs .... right?

Well they may seem to be your everyday ‘look after the planet’ type bugs, but that is not what they are . . . .


Bugs and Baddies!

What then, is wrong with the world here in Lush Valley?

Normal Bugs? Hmmm . . . . Well some of the bugs are as big as your ship!

Oh yeah, and that’s right – sometimes they carry cannons on their backs and shoot stuff at your ship!

No way – not normal! Genetically engineered I would say.


The bugs are not the only thing to worry about here.

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to set up defense turrets, and they are pretty good at detecting your presence and aiming at your ship!

Now of course, somebody needs to save Lush Valley from its impending doom . . . .

. . . . and that somebody could be YOU!


Stop The Bugs

Your only priority is to stop the bugs.

Easy - Go through each level and splat as many bugs as you can.

Of course you will get points for the bugs you splat, and also for the hives and cannons you destroy.

But you will need to get a fairly good percentage of success to get to the next level.


Next Level

You can start in any world level you wish from the Level Select screen.

When you start a level from the Level Select screen your ship resources will start at the default values.

However your ship resources will accumulate between levels.

Well go on then get out there and Splat A Bug!



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