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Mentality Break - The Story

The year is 2099

Along with many other advances in science, building technology has reached incredible heights.

Tech-Build Industries (founded in 2023) pioneered the infusion of micro technology into common building materials.

Two of the company’s outstanding products are:

Techo-Brick – affords the ability to change the colour and density of each individual brick within a wall, or even a whole building!

Techo-Glass – can be used as a typical window, act like a huge screen for presenting information, or display beautiful landscapes along with audio feedback and weather simulations that gives one the impression of actually being at a real location outside the building!

These innovations allow for tremendous aesthetic variety in home and office alike, and of course paved the way for disaster.


Enter Toidi Diputs!

The company’s lead scientist - Professor Toidi Diputs - has been working to improve Techo-Bricks. To that end he has been experimenting with Intel-bots, a concept that aims to give micro technology seamless and intelligent access to a computer system.

Well, Wednesday April 1 2099 at 2:45am, an electrical storm caused this experiment to go haywire - or so Toidi says anyway!

Now at least 40 pallets of Techo-Bricks have become sentient (bizarre huh?), accessed the company’s computer system, and have begun producing representations of various things from the world of mankind.

With the intent to deceive would-be enemies, they have created massive Techo-Glass displays to present a visual representation of the world as they see it - derived from misinterpreted computer information – complete with audio, and even simulated weather patterns.

Thus a wacky world of scenery and objects are being created in four of the company’s research departments.


Room 1 - Department of Transportation

In here these modern-day gurus study the integration of micro technology into transportation.

Thus Techo-Bricks are creating visual representations of all forms of transportation - is it possible they plan to get mobile?


Room 2 - Department of Human Resources

In this department the study centers on the implementation of micro technology into home and office environments.

Depictions of objects found in the home and at the office, including humans, are keeping Techo-Bricks busy - now that is weird!


Room 3 - Department of Oceanography

The question on the minds of the wonder-nuts in this department is how micro technology can be used in such a diverse area as the ocean?

Well it is no surprise that Techo-Bricks are mimicking the world of seagoing humans – what are they up to in here?


Room 4 - Department of Planning

Symmetrical design is the order of the day for the folk in this department - who knows how micro technology can be used in this area!

Forming various design patterns, Techo-Bricks in this room present a formidable challenge to anyone that stands in their way!



DAD to the rescue!

Your company - Defective Apparatus Demolitions - DAD, specializes in cleaning up the mess when technology goes wrong.

You are hereby contracted to get rid of this new breed of ‘intelligent’ bricks.

With your ever trusty ATTV (All-Purpose Technology Terminator Vehicle) you have the tool for the job – are you up to the task?

In your quest for the highest award – ATTV Commander - can you release and collect all 200 stars locked away in the bricks?


Of course, this is not the first time bricks have broken out across the landscape.

But this band of bricks-gone-mad have infiltrated the computer’s virus software, and as a result, have cleverly developed survival tactics and hidden surprises – so be warned, they aim to succeed!

Indeed these are not just normal bricks – these are Techo-Bricks – their mission is to take over Tech-Build Industries today, and tomorrow, the world!

- Can you save the world from yet another technological disaster?

- Can you survive the onslaught of Techo-Bricks?
- Can you break the mentality of bricks-gone-mad? - Welcome to Mentality Break!



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