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FlapFleet Challenge - The Story


Welcome FlapFleet Challenge.

FlapFleet Challenge is a variation of the flappy bird game that offers several features for a fun and challenging game play experience.

The object of the game is simple:

Pilot your flapfleet vehicle to void the obstacles moving towards you

Dispense your limited supply of bullets to destroy obstacle in an attempt to gain the upper edge

Have fun while trying to stay at the top of the leader board!


Multiple Modes Of Play.

There are two modes of play:

Single Play: Simply try to beat the high score for the current level and difficulty.

Challenge: Play against family and friends in a three round session.


Difficulty Levels

There are three levels of difficulty:.

Easy: Yeah, even the kiddies can play!

Normal: Do you have the concentration to keep beating the high score - even yours?

Hard: Well, yeah it's just harder!


App Features

These features offer a fun and challenging game play experience:

Easy screen navigation.

Two modes of play: single and challenge.

Three difficulty levels: easy, hard and normal.

Five local player accounts: take on family and friends in an effort to stay at the top of the leader board.

Three different levels: Camping Out, Twin Bluff City, and Over The Moon, for variation in visual look and feel.

Each level has a different FlapFleet vehicle to add variation to game play.

Currently three vehicles: Flappy Copter, Flappy Plane and Flappy Saucer.



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